Multiplayer Tetris Online

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Multris is a fast paced multiplayer Tetris online game. In this addictive game you play other live players from all over the world. This Tetris clone is written in Java, so no downloads are required. Simply click play and the multiplayer Tetris action will start. In this Tetris online game there are players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Here is also a small directory of other sites related to the art of Tetris: Artificial Intelligens - Interesting read about Tetris and automated players, Official Page - This is the 'official' Tetris page, Miniclip - Online Tetris at Miniclip, not too impressive though, The Saga - The history of Tetris, Another Online version - Not too impressive online Tetris clone, Addicting games - Supposedly addictive version of Tetris, look a lot like the other ones, Monkey Town - Yet another crappy online tetris version, World Championships - Tetris world championships. Other online games: Scrabble Pictionary Boggle Bejeweled Racing Addicting games Places of interest (not online games): Google Dmoz Yahoo